One 2 One Consultations

At Circumcision Pro, we are the only clinic in the area to provide one to one consultations to all parents as standard. We feel this is absolutely essential to developing a good rapport with our clients and their sons. The majority of circumcision clinics only provide group consultations where groups of parents and their sons are consented and spoken to about the procedure and aftercare, all herded together, in a single room. There is no privacy and no understanding.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission, and in keeping with good medical practice, we believe it is essential to have one to one consultations with all our patients and their parents. We strive to put our patients and their families at ease and understand the anxieties you maybe feeling.


When you arrive at Circumcision Pro you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff and who will make you comfortable in reception. You will swiftly be greeted by the chief operating surgeon who will take you into the treatment room for a personalised one to one consultation. The procedure will be described in detail and we give you all the time in the world to ask any questions you may have. We believe it is essential that parents and their children feel comfortable in the clinic surroundings and are fully informed before going ahead.

Our clinic provides a reassuring and comforting ambience for our patients and their families. Parents can feel comfortable and reassured. We have a good sized operating room accommodating parents in with their sons whilst they are having their procedure. We provide a superb 24/7 aftercare service. Rest assured we are always on hand to provide reassurance and help. We have collectively performed over 8000 circumcisions and are extremely proud of our low complication rate.


For further information about Circumcision Pro and our services please contact us by calling on: 0207 084 9693. You can also email us on: We have an online booking facility on our website that shows you our up to date availability and makes the booking process seamless.

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