CircCurer™ Stapler Circumcision at Circumcision Pro

Many men consider getting a circumcision for medical and/or lifestyle reasons. However, following discussions with their surgeon, are put off by a procedure that can take up to 1 hour with a recovery that can take 4 to 6 weeks. Recently there has been interest in using a mechanical device

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How to choose a Circumcision Clinic?

Circumcisions are carried out for many reasons including, religious, cultural, hygienic and medical. Choosing a clinic to have your son’s circumcision is not a decision to be taken lightly.  There are many factors that can influence your decision. Be prepared to ask questions to the clinic, speak to the surgeon

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The dangers of Home Visits

Circumcision is often carried out for reasons other than a medical need. Circumcisions have been carried out for thousands of years and are done for strong religious reasons (in Islam and Judaism) as well as for cultural reasons. Although it has been done for thousands of years, circumcision as a procedure needs to be respected and carried out in the safest possible way, minimising risks to the child.

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The agony of a tight foreskin

Phimosis is described as difficulty in pulling back the foreskin covering the head of the penis. This may not cause a problem in itself. However, when the phimosis is associated with infection, symptoms start to occur.

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Circumcisions can be dangerous

It has been reported on the BBC website today that a 5 month old baby boy has died after parents performed a circumcision at their home in Italy. The child was of Ghanian decent and arrived at hospital in cardiac arrest, likely due to significant bleeding. Apparently this is not

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One 2 One Consultations

At Circumcision Pro, we are the only clinic in the area to provide one to one consultations to all parents as standard. We feel this is absolutely essential to developing a good rapport with our clients and their sons. The majority of circumcision clinics only provide group consultations where groups

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