The dangers of Home Visits

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Circumcision is often carried out for reasons other than a medical need. Circumcisions have been carried out for thousands of years and are done for strong religious reasons (in Islam and Judaism) as well as for cultural reasons. Although it has been done for thousands of years, circumcision as a procedure needs to be respected and carried out in the safest possible way, minimising risks to the child.

Up till recently it was not uncommon for circumcisions to be carried out at home by doctors or rabbis. More and more this practice is being criticised and in fact the large regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) insist that all circumcisions performed by doctors should be done within a CQC registered clinic and definitely NOT at home.

We often get enquiries from parents asking whether we offer a home visit service. We DO NOT perform circumcisions at home. We also DO NOT SUPPORT this practice at all. If you are considering having your baby circumcised please get it done at a CQC registered clinic. Just because you or your family members may have been circumcised at home, does not mean it is now considered safe practice.

Any doctor or rabbi performing a circumcision in a child\’s home will not be in an environment that they are familiar with. In addition basic infection control measures will always be compromised. They will not have access to necessary equipment such as a diathermy machine for controlling bleeding. In extremely rare circumstances of an allergic reaction they will not necessarily have access to life saving equipment or medication. The incidence of bleeding and infection will always be higher amongst children being circumcised at home compared with those treated in a dedicated clinic. Finally, children circumcised at home often involve the parents or family members assisting the doctor/rabbi in holding the child. We believe strongly that this is not appropriate.

At Circumcision Pro we offer specialist circumcision services for boys of all ages including adults. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission. We have excellent facilities and always have an experienced nurse to assist out doctors with the circumcision. Our doctors have performed more than 8000 circumcisions. Please don\’t even consider getting your child circumcised at home. Stay safe and make sure you get the best possible care for your child.

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