How to choose a Circumcision Clinic?

Circumcisions are carried out for many reasons including, religious, cultural, hygienic and medical. Choosing a clinic to have your son’s circumcision is not a decision to be taken lightly.  There are many factors that can influence your decision. Be prepared to ask questions to the clinic, speak to the surgeon if this is possible, have a consultation with the surgeon, and visit the clinic to get a feel for the place. After all, it is your son’s health and all precautions should be taken.

If you are looking to get your son circumcised, this will no doubt be a very well thought out decision and you are sure to be nervous and unsure when it comes to booking the procedure. When you first make contact with a clinic you should consider many things and it can be difficult to recall all of these.

When you call to book your son’s circumcision please remember to ask about the following:

  1. Ensure the clinic is CQC registered
  2. Ensure the doctors are GMC registered \"\"\"Circumcision
  3. Ask about the surgeon’s experience – how many circumcisions have they performed and in what ages?
  4. Ask what technique they use for the Circumcision. \"Plastibell\"
  5. Ask about the After Care service provided by the clinic:
      1. Are they available around the clock to speak to in case of any emergencies?
      2. What is their response time to calls?
      3. What about any concerns weeks, months or years down the line – can they be contacted for help and advice?
  6. Ask about what documents you will need to bring to your appointment. The clinic should be asking you to bring official photographic ID for all parent(s) named on the birth certificate as well as the red book. \"\"\"\"\"\"
  7. Ask about any reasons the circumcision may not be performed?
  8. Ask about the Clinic’s policy for ‘Buried Penis’.
  9. Ask whether both parents need to attend and if you are a single parent do you need to get consent from your son’s father/mother.
  10. Ask the clinic if there is a consultation prior to the procedure.
  11. Ask the clinic if this is a 1-2-1 consultation or will there be other parents present as well. A lot of clinics, especially prior to the Covid pandemic, would carry out joint consultations with multiple parents and children being present in the same room for the consent process.
  12. Ask the clinic whether you can be present in the operating room whilst the procedure is being performed.
  13. Ask whether you will be required to help with the procedure in any way.
  14. Ask the clinic about the discharge process and whether the circumcision is checked prior to going home.


Why are parents choosing Circumcision Pro?

Parents are choosing Circumcision Pro for many reasons including:

  1. Modern state of the art clinic
  2. Experienced surgeons with combined operating experience of more than 9000 circumcisions.
  3. CQC registered clinic
  4. GMC registered doctors
  5. Convenient location
  6. Competitive pricing
  7. Excellent 24/7 aftercare service on WhatsApp.
  8. Parents are encouraged to support their son in the operating room.
  9. We will never do circumcisions at your home.
  10. Low complication rates.

Unlike other clinics in the area, we provide 1-2-1 consultations. We provide an excellent 24 hour aftercare service. Our patients are able to easily contact our team directly, day or night, if any concerns arise rather than going through a third party call handling with some clinics.

The atmosphere within the clinic is relaxed, friendly and welcoming.

We at circumcision Pro understand the stresses parents are going through and will do everything possible to minimise those stresses.

Here are some of the experiences others have had with us at Circumcision Pro:

Google Reviews:

‘’I found the process smooth. The first impressions were friendly and made me feel comfortable in such an important procedure. Everything was explained well and clearly with the doctor. The consent process was straightforward, providing you have the correct documents for your child.

 Aftercare process was good and what was required i.e medication if needed and when the doctor was contacted with regards to any questions or concerns he responded within 20 minutes which is very reliable. 

Anyone looking to have the procedure done, should know this clinic is very clean and they are very professional’’


Another parent:

“I did a google search. I chose the clinic based on the price. First impression was good when I reached the clinic. Initially I was nervous but after talking to the doctor I felt better.

My advice to other parents is that if you feel worried then give the clinic a call to talk to a professional.’’

“This clinic was AMAZING !! So helpful , so informative and friendly . They followed up with my 5 month old little boys procedure even when we got home i sent pictures every two days and one day I even forgot to send them the picture and circumcision pro actually contacted me just to make sure everything was okay 👌. They tell you the whole process so really makes you feel comfortable with it, my sons circumcision was completely healed within the week absolutely 👍….oh and the clinic itself is VERY VERY clean its a beautiful clinic thank you c/pro you done an amazing job with my precious baby boy !”

In conclusion parents are making an informed choice & bringing their sons to Circumcision Pro, knowing that they will be getting a quality service, where the health of your child is our utmost concern.  We will support you when you need us.  You will be provided with written instructions on aftercare.


If you are seriously considering having your child circumcised have a look at our website.

If you have any questions please call us on:  0207 531 6600

Or email us at:

We at Circumcision Pro are ready to provide the correct advice, service, aftercare and furthering surgical excellence.

Speak to one of our surgeons, you will be taking good advice.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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