History of Circumcision

The practice of male circumcision dates back thousands of years and is steeped in religious, ethnic and cultural origins. Below is a brief chronology of the history of circumcision and its practice throughout the world.

There has been a recent gradual decline in the practice of male circumcisions, especially in Europe, the US, and Australia. The process that has been prevalent throughout society has now been stigmatized amongst some circles. There are no compelling ethical, legal or medical grounds for not having a child circumcised and, at Circumcision Pro, we believe that the decision rests with the individual or, in the case of children, with the parents of the individual. Our focus lies in providing a service that ensures safety with an emphasis on causing as little distress and pain to each client as possible.

We are very familiar with both ritual and secular motives for performing a circumcision, as well as medical reasons. We are extremely respectful of all cultures and beliefs and are here to provide a professional medical service that enables the fulfilment of all medical, ritual and secular circumcisions.


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