Health Benefits

Numerous associated health benefits of circumcision have been cited by many researchers and supporters of the practice:

  • The incidence of local infections at the tip of the penis, including balanitis, have been shown to be significantly lower in boys who have been circumcised.
  • There is also a large decrease in the incidence of urinary tract infections amongst boys who have been circumcised.
  • The prevalence of penile cancer is much higher amongst uncircumcised men.
  • The transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, specifically HIV and AIDS, has been shown to also be higher amongst uncircumcised men.
  • There is some suggestion that the incidence of cervical cancer amongst women with uncircumcised partners is higher than in those with circumcised partners.

At Circumcision Pro, in keeping with the advice of the American Academy of Paediatricians, we do not advocate the practice of male circumcisions on the basis of the above health benefits alone. However, the health benefits of circumcision do serve as a bonus to those who are keen to have their sons circumcised as part of their own religious, ethnic and ritual beliefs and practices.


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