Terms & Conditions

  • All patients are required to provide contact details; including address, telephone and email in order to secure an appointment.
  • All clients will complete a medical history form at their first appointment, this is necessary to inform the consultation and treatment planning process.
  • All information will be treated as confidential and protected in accordance with Data Protection legislation
  • Patient information will not be shared with third parties without written permission and you will not receive unsolicited information from us.
  • You may choose to remove yourself from our mailing list at any time, by unsubscribing.

Whilst telephone consultations are discouraged, we acknowledge some circumstances when this service may be helpful; particularly for our patients who will be traveling long distances. New patients, seeking advice from a practitioner in a telephone discussion, require a diary appointment of 30 minutes. Patients must call the clinic at the time agreed.

We offer all our patients the option of Skype consultations prior to attending the clinic. The Skype consultations serve as an opportunity for patients to ask questions and gather further information regarding the clinic and conditions we treat as well as treatments we offer. No consenting takes place during these consultations. An accurate skin assessment cannot take place via Skype but suggestions can be made. Despite a Skype consultation, a face to face consultation in clinic will still be necessary prior to agreeing to any treatment plan. Initial Skype consultations are free of charge.

We offer all our patients Skype follow up consultations where appropriate, for example, after wrinkle relaxing injections. If further treatment is required or a correction, a further visit will be necessary to the clinic. Follow-up Skype consultations are free of charge.

  • Please provide as much notice as possible, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, so that we may make best use of our appointment diary.
  • If you do not attend a booked appointment, and fail to advise us in advance, you will lose your deposit paid at booking the appointment.
  • Please do NOT attend the clinic for an appointment if your child is unwell. If you are unsure, please call and discuss.
  • For a booking to be made for a Circumcision a deposit will need to be paid as stipulated in the online booking process. This is usually dependent upon the age of the patient.
  • The remaining balance is taken at the time of the procedure.
  • The clinic accepts cash, or major debit and credit cards.
  • Please note that the deposit taken at booking is normally non-refundable unless you cancel your appointment with at least 48 hours notice. If we are unable to perform the circumcision on the day of the procedure due to a technical/surgical reason, the deposit will be kept by the clinic and serve as a fee for consultation and medical advice received at the time of attendance.

At Circumcision Pro we provide a 24/7 aftercare service for all our patients. We do request that whenever possible patients contact us within working hours and if reasonable and safe please do not contact us after 9pm in the evening. However, in the case of a possible emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us on the emergency numbers provided with your aftercare pack.

  • Fees charged for treatment are for the delivery of a treatment and the accompanying service, which is inclusive of;
      • consultation and assessment
      • provision of information and advice
      • safe treatment with evidence based products
      • follow up appointments and aftercare advice and support as appropriate
  • Whilst we undertake to provide excellent service; factual, honest and ethical advice, safe, expert treatment in experienced hands and only the best products, we cannot guarantee your results and cannot offer refunds if the results achieved fail to meet your expectations.

Any feedback is much appreciated, both positive and negative. Feedback is used to review and improve quality of service. You may submit feedback verbally, via email, via the clinic website, via Google, or via the Pabau survey sent out at the end of your appointment.

If you have a complaint please inform us as soon as possible. An appointment will be made for you to be seen. A copy of our Complaints Policy is available on request.

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