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Circumcision Pro is a specialist Circumcision Clinic registered with the Care Quality Commission. We carry out male circumcisions on all ages from newborns right through to adults. We have performed over 8000 circumcisions to date.

Our clinic is located next to Canary Wharf in London with excellent public transport links and parking available. At Circumcision Pro you can expect a first class service that caters for all. We are a fully inclusive clinic. Whether it is for religious, cultural, lifestyle or medical reasons you can expect a reassuring and efficient service.


What is it?

A circumcision is the surgical removal of the sleeve of skin and tissue that normally… Read more



The practice of Male Circumcisions dates back thousands of years and is a practice steeped… Read more


Religious Values

For the most part, the majority of circumcisions are performed for religious reasons and… Read more


Health Benefits

Numerous associated health benefits of circumcision have been cited by many… Read more


Dr Ruhul Amin

Dr Amin performs circumcisions on all ages from babies, children, older boys and adults. He is a trainer in circumcision surgery and has trained 4 other doctors to successfully carry out circumcision surgery.

Dr Ruhul Amin Doctor at Circumcision Pro

797 Commercial Rd, Poplar, London E14 7HG, United Kingdom

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Age Groups

We carry out male circumcisions on babies aged from 7 days old, right through to adults. We have performed more than 8000 circumcisions over the last 5 years & pride ourselves on providing excellent care.


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Latest News

  • Circumcisions are carried out for many reasons including, religious, cultural, hygienic and medical. Choosing a clinic to have your son’s circumcision is not a decision to be taken lightly.  There are many factors that can
  • Circumcision is often carried out for reasons other than a medical need. Circumcisions have been carried out for thousands of years and are done for strong religious reasons (in Islam and Judaism) as well as
  • A tight foreskin is usually caused by phimosis. So what is phimosis? Phimosis is described as difficulty in pulling back the foreskin covering the head of the penis. This may not cause a problem in
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