New Specialist Circumcision Clinic

Circumcision Pro is a brand new state of the art circumcision clinic located in the heart of East London close to Canary Wharf. Although the clinic is brand new our doctors have been performing circumcisions for males of all ages for the last 5 years. They have carried out more than 8000 circumcisions with an extremely low complication rate and tremendous attention to detail.

At Circumcision Pro, we have 2 modern operating theatres in line with standards and facilities expected in modern NHS establishments. The waiting room facilities are extremely comfortable with disabled access on site. Our operating lists are restricted to 2 cases per hour, in contrast to other clinics in London, where lists are often packed with multiple clients being operated on in the same slot. We provide fantastic personalised customer service and our priority is the comfort of our clients.

For those with young sons, we are able to offer circumcisions from 7 days old and specialise in both the plastibell and circumplast techniques. We practice safe techniques and go to extreme lengths to ensure parents and sons are at ease during the procedure and provide fantastic and personalised aftercare services. In the event that anything should go wrong, we are on hand to provide help and reassurance 24 hours a day.

Being located in East London we are especially keen to provide circumcision services to the local community. We have staff on site fluent in Bengali and Urdu and are always willing to go the extra mile. Our prices are extremely competitive and very much in line with other clinics in London. We believe we provide a service that is superior to others in more comfortable surroundings. We are also very well versed in the religious and cultural needs of London’s cosmopolitan society and able to cater to all.

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