Circumcisions can be dangerous

It has been reported on the BBC website today that a 5 month old baby boy has died after parents performed a circumcision at their home in Italy. The child was of Ghanian decent and arrived at hospital in cardiac arrest, likely due to significant bleeding. Apparently this is not the first such reported incident in Italy. A 2 year old child died following a botched circumcision attempt at an immigration centre in Rome last year. Circumcisions are not routinely offered by nationally recognised health institutions in Italy (as is the case in the UK). Almost 5000 cases are performed in the private sector and a significant proportion of these are performed illegally by non-approved/non-trained health professionals.

In the UK, on an annual basis, more than 5000 circumcisions are performed in London alone. It is amazing that there are still parents who request home visits and are keen to have their sons circumcised at home. Many parents go bargain hunting with little regard to the credentials of the clinic in question. I was amazed that even a medical colleague of mine, told me in passing, that they were quite comfortable having their son circumcised at home! The dangers are clear though. It is so important that all circumcisions are carried out in a safe and approved clinic by doctors who are trained and experienced in the procedure.

At Circumcision Pro we are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It is illegal to carry out the practice of circumcisions in an establishment not registered with the CQC. Wherever you have your son\’s treatment make sure it is registered with the CQC. At Circumcision Pro we have carried out more than 8000 circumcisions. We have a wealth of experience. We never offer patients the option of having their son\’s treated at home. We also have tried and tested aftercare protocols in place to address any problems with bleeding while the child is still in clinic or after they have gone home.

At Circumcision Pro you might pay a little bit more than the rest but isn\’t it better to pay more to ensure you get an excellent service that is safe. Can you you put a price on your child\’s safety? For any circumcision enquiries please contact us at Circumcision Pro. We will be happy to answer all your questions irrespective of whether you book with us or not.

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