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Circumcision can be performed from 5 days after birth. At Circumcision Pro, we encourage parents to perform the circumcision as soon as possible after birth—a good time is between 2 to 4 weeks. This timeframe will allow a simpler procedure and, more importantly, a much shorter recovery period. In addition, the psychological stress endured by babies is much less than when they are older.

Emotional preparation for parents is extremely important as this can have an influence on the baby’s experience of the procedure. First and foremost, it is extremely important that both parents are happy to go ahead with their son’s circumcision and that they are happy with the timing. Any disagreement regarding going ahead with the procedure will be a flashpoint before, during and after the procedure and can potentially have a negative impact on the whole experience.

This is especially important in mixed-race families where the practice of circumcision is alien to one of the parents. Ensure that you have discussed the procedure amongst yourselves and you are both fully committed to going ahead with it. At Circumcision Pro, we are very keen to ensure that both parents are comfortable with the consent process. If we feel that either parent is uncomfortable then we will not proceed with the circumcision.

In babies and young infants, we use the Plastibell method, which is considered to be the gold standard. This involves the use of a plastic ring as opposed to the traditional cut and stitch. With experience in all methods of circumcision, we can adapt to each client’s needs. If circumstances dictate, we may opt for the Circumplast as opposed to the Plastibell and in even rarer circumstances we may opt for a traditional cut and stitch approach.


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