FAQ’s: Child & Toddler

Toddlers & Children

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FAQ's: Toddlers & Children

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This depends on age, with recovery times increasing the older the child gets. For toddlers, the ring and excess foreskin come off after around 10 days and for young children, it will take around 14 days. The area will usually heal completely after another 1 to 2 weeks.

If the suture method has been used, then recovery times are usually 4 to 6 weeks.

If your child attends school, we usually recommend that he has 1 to 2 weeks off school to recover. After he returns to school he must not participate in any contact sports such as football, rugby, swimming for another 2 weeks.

There is a common misconception amongst parents that their young children will struggle to pass urine once the ring is on. This is absolutely not the case. Your son should be able to pass urine normally with the ring in place.

Often toddlers and young children will be afraid to pass urine in the belief that they may get some pain or that the ring will stop them. It is very important you reassure them and encourage them to pass urine as soon as they feel the urge to.

We do not routinely prescribe antibiotics after the procedure. We do, however, prescribe you an antibiotic cream to apply to the wound 3 times a day in the week following the procedure.

At Circumcision Pro, we believe our clients are clients for life and we are always on hand to help answer your questions and address your concerns. At the initial consultation, we will go through the entire aftercare process with you. We will also provide you with a comprehensive pack consisting of relevant prescriptions, a summary sheet of the aftercare instructions, a letter to be handed into your son’s GP stating what specific procedure has been performed, as well as our 24/7 contact details.


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