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The Aftercare

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Your son will receive a local anaesthetic nerve block to numb the penis before his circumcision. This nerve block should last for at least 60 to 90 minutes. For this period he will not feel any pain.

After the operation, the penis will be swollen and look very bruised. This is a normal effect of both the injected anaesthetic and the handling it receives during the operation. These will gradually reduce over the next week or two.

The bandage will normally be wound tightly around the penis and it will consist of some simple gauze. We advise that you try to keep this in place for the first few days. If it comes apart you can obtain sterile gauze swabs (4 pack) and Micropore Tape from your pharmacy or GP practice nurse if you require anymore.

Your son will receive absorbable stitches and hence these do not need to be removed. They will fall off themselves. Please do not pull at the stitches.

The glue will get absorbed in 5 to 10 days and will naturally fall off the skin. Do not apply liquid or ointment medications or any other product to the wound whilst the glue is still in place.

Do not soak or scrub the wound whilst showering, gently blot the area to dry it using a soft towel.

Your son may need to take pain killers for a few days afterwards. Please follow the instructions on the packet. Do not take aspirin or any other medicine which may thin the blood and have an anti-clotting action which can increase bleeding from a wound.

Erection, particularly soon after the operation, can result in excessive pulling on stitches and also cause some bleeding. To reduce the effect of night erections pulling on the wound or bleeding during the first few days, ensure your son empties his bladder before retiring and a few times during the night.

A week off school is very desirable. He should naturally avoid energetic or contact sports, cycling and swimming until his circumcision has fully healed. This normally takes about 6 weeks.


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